Salento holidays

Our guide offers the opportunity to know better the marvellous 'terra salentina' (the area of south Apulia also called 'Salento'); cristalline sea, white beaches, rocks with astonishing panorama.
In the center, the villages still conserve smell and flavour of the farmer's tradition, always very open and welcome to the foreigners who decide every year to take a holiday on this beautiful southern part of Italy.
The climate, which is always mild in the Salento is ideal for walks into the historical center of the villages - on the discovery of baroc churches, castles... or also in the countryside at close contact with the nature still untouched, between olive trees, vine and antique farmhouses..

"Torre Nasparo" - Oriental Coast

Salento, the coastal territory

Travelling further South along the 'litoranea salentina' on the Adria sea, we arrive to San Foca, the first seascape village of Melendugno, with long, white and extraordinarily low cliffs.
Not even 3 kilometres further South there is Torre dell'Orso with a beach of very fine sand confined by a pine forest planted in 1930 and S.Andrea, the last seascape village of Melendugno.

Just afterwards, passing the lakes of Alimini the territory of Otranto starts. The city is situated on the extreme point of the peninsula where it is separated only 70 km from the Albanese coasts. For many years the city has been in contact with the Orient.

After Otranto, still on the litoranea along a high coast very next to the sea and crossing a deep forest of pines, we arrive to Santa Cesarea Terme, famous for its thermal installations. Between S.Cesarea passing Castro Marina, Tricase Porto, Marina Serra, Novaglie we arrive on the Promontorium Iapigium, and finally to S.Maria di Leuca. This part of coast is intensively rocky, with cristalline water and frequent marine caves (the most famous is 'Zinzulusa').
Left behind Leuca a series of very long seascapes will accompany us till Gallipoli.

Going along the Ionian coast towards North we find the city Torre Vado with a seemingly endless beach, the seascapes of Salve, Pescoluse and Torre Pali, the antique Auxentum (Ugento) with its seascapes Lido Marini, Torre Mozza and Torre San Giovanni, here the sea is very low and clear, the extremely long beaches have incredibly white sand.
Going back on the road to Gallipoli, still on the litoranea, we find Torre Suda and Mancaversa with a good access to the rocks. Just afterwards, from Torre Pizzo, passing kilometres of sandy beaches, we arrive to Gallipoli.

Originally, the city was on the little island which is separated by a short track of sea from the mainland on which the new part of the city is situated today. Going further North on the litoranea, passing Rivabella and Lido Conchiglie, Santa Maria al Bagno and Santa Caterina; these places have a rocky coast with short tracks of sandy beaches. From here we arrive to Sant'Isidoro and Porto Cesareo. In these two seascapes of "Salento" the sea isn't deeper than 1 metre and you have enormous sandy beaches.

"Torre Pali" - west Coast

"Pescoluse" - west Coast

"Lido Marini" - west Coast © Promozione turistica
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