City of Otranto was built in prehistoric age, who arrives in Otranto already has with one self, in own mind, an ancient city myth.
In this way “ city of martyrs ” does not disappoint. In spite of millenniums, many things remain and it’s all there to makes it self admire. Just after martyrdom tragedy ( 1480 ) of eight hundred citizens the city, west outpost in Mediterraneo, was rebuilt and defensive works reinforced in historical centre, surrounded by walls, you can enter “ Porta Alfonsina ”, built up to Aragonese king (Alfonso D’Aragona), that sends away Turkish-men, ahead following a small street we can find Romanic cathedral, built around 1080.

Inside cathedral we can admire a mosaic flooring, restored some years ago, that was carried out between 1163-1165.
It is made up by millions coloured tesserae draws “Live tree”.
In historic centre we still can admire the castle, manor, stately, surrounded by deep and broad moat, with three cylindrical keeps and one gets down to ward coast like sharp lance built in 1578.
From Castle going in small streets we can arrived to the San Pietro church, a Bizantine art jewel, built between IX and X century.
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Masseria Lacco

Contrada Lacco

La Masseria was built at the beginning of the XIX century in the countryside nearby Muro Leccese (an ancient Messapic city rich of history) in a county called Lacco, which gives the name to the property. The ancient building has been restored carefully preserving the original structure.
The restored works have brought out the typical features of the “Masserie Salentine” where in the same place you would find the house of the farmer (“lu massaru”) and also the farm animals shelter and other places for indoor daily agriculture activities.

Furnirussi tenuta  

Strada Comunale 'Scine' n. 29, contr. Giammanigli

Our resort Furnirussi Tenuta in Puglia has got 24 Suites equipped with all luxury comforts. The 22 Junior Suites on the ground floor are 43 sqm and offer a 36 sqm private garden-solarium, creating a delicious courtyard, embellished by rich Mediterranean vegetation.
The 2 Superior Suites are 65 sqm and have a 70 sqm panoramic terrace, large bathroom with panoramic tub and chromo-therapy shower.
A well-equipped gym is offered for guests that like to keep fit: run, synchro, bike, recline and multiple cardio equipment included.

Furnirussi Tenuta, a 5-star resort in Puglia offers its guests high-quality, locally-produced farm products including seasonal fruits and vegetables from the Furni Russi farm located next to the estate.

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